Ah!Puch!Studios is a music studio in the heart of Melbourne, Australia. All sorts of things happen there, both musical and non-musical. This blog is a place to show people some of the things that occur there. Hopefully it well generate further interest, thought, excitement, involvement and collaboration. There is a wide range of sounds that are made there; Sudanese Pop, Sufi Trance, Congolese Rhumba, African Hip-Hop, Experimental Noise, Psychedelic Space Rock, Microwavic Midi Orchestras in the Land of the Marsupial, Disco, Mambo, Tropicalia, West Papuan Folk and Reggae, R&B, Island Reggae, Country&Western, Blues, Electronica, Sri Lankan Electro-Pop, Free Jazz, Brazilian Reggae, Pop, Techno. And as more and more musicians come to play and experiment in the space slowly these various styles are mixing, fusing, breaking down, building up, with all sorts of different sounds emerging.


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