♫ Kids Rockin’ Reggae

Kid’s Rockin’ Reggae is a reggae band based in Dandenong & Melbourne, Australia. With music made by Lochie Bradfield at Ah!Puch!Studio! and a group of Sudanese kids singing. The kids range in age from a 1 year old on one track, to a 13 years old.

The vocalists are all family. The band started out with the the kids paying a studio visit to Ah!Puch! just for fun. The kids were handed mics and told to go wild, which they did naturally!

KidsRockin Reggae released their debut video single, ‘Backbone’ in 2010.  It is about a young girl who falls down and breaks her backbone with a magic soccer ball. You can listen to the single (above) & watch their film clip (below)

Lochie & the kids are working on an album together, “Kid’s Rockin’ Reggae”, which they hope you will see in 2012!

If you’d like to know more about Kid’s Rockin Reggae, please send an email to hello@ahpuchrecords.com.au

Peace to the Universe! 



launch party gif 01

Backbone Launch-4 Backbone Launch-1 Backbone Launch-5

Backbone Launch-7 Backbone Launch-8 Backbone Launch-9 Backbone Launch-12 Backbone Launch-14 Backbone Launch-15 Backbone Launch-16 Backbone Launch-17 Backbone Launch-18 Backbone Launch-19 Backbone Launch-20 Backbone Launch-21 Backbone Launch-22 Backbone Launch-23 Backbone Launch-24 Backbone Launch-25 Backbone Launch-27 Backbone Launch-28 Backbone Launch-31 Backbone Launch-32 Backbone Launch-35 Backbone Launch-39 Backbone Launch-40 Backbone Launch-44 Backbone Launch-45 Backbone Launch-47 Backbone Launch-48 Backbone Launch-51 Backbone Launch-55 Backbone Launch-56 Backbone Launch-60 Backbone Launch-61 Backbone Launch-63 Backbone Launch-64 Backbone Launch-65



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