WTF is Ah!Puch!?

Ah!Puch!Records! is not a thing – it is not a noun. It is a verb – an integral function of a musical process. Say it out loud –Ah!Puch!Records!

Based in the Western suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, Ah!Puch!Records! brings together communities in order to blur and highlight, investigate and celebrate, protest & advocate, share & receive – cultural, racial, sexual, religious, and socio-economic distinctions.

Difference is both a point of connection & departure!

Through the experience, appreciation and diffusion of traditions, cultures and presence, Ah!Puch!Records! is dedicated to the Proliferation of Music (♫) in the present.

Peace to the Universe! ☺

Contact –

A3 Poster 08


6 responses to “WTF is Ah!Puch!?

  1. well done lochie,keep doin ur things bro,i like ur production 🙂

  2. Tamica-anne Reynolds

    I LOVE IT// I think its so wonderful what you do Lochie. Go you good thing ; ) x

  3. well done lochie,,,may be sometime i can come to see ur studio :),,keep it up and thanks for sharing a lot of things with us!!!really apprciate :),,,gudluck

  4. Lilian Lethborg

    Really enjoy having a browse on your site Lochie, always interesting. Your work is original and the multicultural influences make it so much more than just music to share. Thanks 🙂

    • Thanks, Lilian! I’ve been listening to one of Ingram’s tapes today. I’d like to speak to you about his music more. In the meantime, I’ll keep the music coming, if you keep on supporting! Peace!

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