1. It’s hard to say what Kingston actually is. This is a very skeletal mix, but it is also one of my favourites on the site. Ross’ voice always makes me happy when I hear him sing. The first track starts out upbeat and joyous and ends psychedelic with the sounds of birds from the Dandenong mountain ranges merging with the beat. The mix then moves to a few  beautiful songs led by Ross, characterised by sparse guitar chords and beautiful vocal melodies. I can never tell if one of these songs loops or not.  A surprising cover of Beyonce’s Irreplaceable with Kids Rockin’ Reggae follows, reminding us that this is, indeed, a weird mix. Then it takes a kind of hard to explain turn in to a claustrophobic acid house track by Ross & Ingram (aka The Slum Boys). Finally it finishes with two Sudanese sisters singing just about anything that comes to their minds, including Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson snippets, over an old skool beat with an elusive dub bassline that you can barely hear. Better to listen to it than read about it, I say. So here it is – whatever it is.Kingston 

    Heard on this mix;



    Sammy K


    Josephine & Lochie