♫ Dombai Group

The Dombai Group is a traditional Sudanese drumming, singing and dancing group based in Melbourne, Australia. They perform at various community events as well as cultural shows. While the sound recordings are amazing, they really have to be seen to be believed, with elaborate costumes and traditional dances. They are going to have one track on my upcoming compilation. To put it as simply as the leader said on our first recording

“Hello. We are the Dombai Dance group. We sing and we dance. Thank-you for listening.”

This is what they sound like:

The Dombai Group recording @  [ o _ o ]  –  –  –  Ah!Puch!Studio! 2010


5 responses to “♫ Dombai Group

  1. Thanks a lot’s Lochie! we appreciated.

  2. finally got chance to see this cultural dance :),,i am soo happyyyy!!!!!! 🙂

  3. can u please lochie upload the video of this dance if possible.thanks
    with regards
    meenu [:)]

  4. hey meenu, unfortunately i didn’t get any video on the day. i think maybe dombai got some though – they had a video camera. maybe you can convince mawien to get the footage to me! 🙂

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