☮ Gone to the Americas ☮

Hello. Just a quick post to say that I am heading to the USA, Mexico, Guatemala, and perhaps as far as Costa Rica, through Nicaragua, Honduras & El Salvador. Hopefully I will make some great field recordings to bring back for you all to hear, some nice photos for you to look at, and some entertaining videos for you to watch! I also hope to meet musicians, conduct some interviews, and visit the AACM (Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians) , who have been very influential on my thought and music.

I’ll be back in about 5 months, so until then, take care!




2 responses to “☮ Gone to the Americas ☮

  1. maloób the ah puch..iin ustintaan…he bix ta coo taac le xtabay ustintaan..malo´ob..

    gerardo couoh from merida mexico
    etnia maya

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